02B92: Stacking Activities After Work

Tuesday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 906

As I start writing this blog, I find some comfort in the fact that Tobie and I have already eaten dinner, which is one more item on my list for tonight. Now we need to take our vitamins and I need to figure out when I'll wash the dishes, fold the laundry, bring the newer load of laundry out of the washing machine, and maybe throw out the trash. But in trying to figure out which task to do first, I opted to get today's blog post out of the way. 

Every day I juggle different to-do lists in my head. The work-related ones tend to have accompanying Google Tasks or Reminders to help nudge things along. But the personal stuff (mostly) just live in my head. I could properly task them in one of the many productivity solutions I have - and to some extent I do - but ultimately I'll get things done when I'll get things done. 

I feel increasingly inefficient in terms of how I've been managing our free time once I'm done with work. The first challenge is how I tend to have a few work tasks that I work on after hours in order to get things out the way sooner. On the other, my brain just drifts and wants to get lost in whatever TV show we have playing on the TV or maybe I just want to read some more. Sometimes I just want to lie down and much around on social media instead of getting started on the tasks left on my list. 

It's funny how I have productive and non-productive work activities in my head. Productive ones are those that are related to various daily goals I've set. This includes pacing the Sietch to generate steps, completing my daily brain games on Elevate and Duolingo, and of course, writing these daily blog posts. Chores are naturally productive, and this means the things we can never get away from like doing the dishes and handling laundry. There are those that are somewhat tied to my geekier productivity goals like reading more (to progress towards my end-of-year Goodreads reading goal) and photographing the unboxing of various Transformers and Star Trek figures (because this helps generate space for new purchases beyond just making me happy). And finally, we have the non-productive stuff like watching TV shows or scrolling through social media a lot. 

So sometimes I justify a non-productive activity (e.g. social media scrolling) by juggling a productive activity at the same time (e.g. walking to step, more often than not) so I feel a bit better. The best combination is when I work on more than one productive goal at the same time like pacing the Sietch while doing my daily Elevate or Duolingo tasks (which is a daily thing on both counts) or...listening to an audiobook while trying to read a comic on comiXology at the same time. 

I know, I get kinda crazy sometimes. 

So I'm going to wrap up the quasi-meta narrative of this blog post so that I can get the laundry settled while we watch The Americans