02B8E: Heavy Weekend Agenda

Friday Cabbage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 902

Big weekend ahead!

Tonight we're bringing a friend to back to O Bar - which is still a thing that can happen and that we enjoy facilitating. A lot of people haven't gotten back into visiting locations like O Bar given the pandemic and all that. And we're always happy to be the sort of guides for the journey back to our second home.

However, we're also scheduled to go to O Bar tomorrow in a rare double O Bar weekend. Not only are we going to O Bar twice in the same weekend, but the second night is a big event night celebrating the birthdays of two of the O Divas and one of the dancers (but not a ledge dancer). It's why we changed our plans in order to make time for this. We gotta support our O Bar family after all.

There's also the question of gaming online with our FGTC friend again tomorrow (but before O Bar) and then we have a campaign RPG session on Sunday that may or may push through as planned. I mean, we're bound to play something even if we don't play the game we were originally scheduled to play. We'll find out. 

Aside, I posted a question yesterday on Twitter asking folks what deodorant they're using. I really wanted to ask which antiperspirant they use, but more people think of the category as deodorant, so I ran with it. It was more to figure out what people might recommend since our usual brand (Gilette) is a lot hard to find these days. So I wanted to figure out an alternative that people can vouch for and is better stocked at the supermarket or Watsons. I got some interesting insights from friends, added an Old Spice stick to our grocery, and that was that.

But as is the strange nature of the internet, the tweet seems to have blown up, predominantly on what appears to be the non-straight side of Twitter. And since I keep getting updates, including photos of the deodorant brands that everyone appears to be using, I've started to tally the responses and put them into a pie chart, because why not? And for extra annoyance, I made it a donut chart so it looks very modern corporate. So evil.

I'm not sure how long this is going to go on, but I expect it'll fizzle out before Monday (it won't even make it to Sunday even). But it's fun to check the responses for now.