02B8D: Different Kind of Workout Challenges

Thursday Hainanese Chicken

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 901

Wow, that's a great coincidence in my quarantine count. It's the first of September (often 09/01 by many US data conventions) and it's the 901st day in quarantine. Numbers are funny.

Had a slow start to the day. In my head, I'm trying my best to stick to a near-daily workout schedule whether it's "just" yoga or something more strenuous. I'm pretty sticky on this commitment also on an emotional level, but sometimes the body gets in the way of things. And this morning, I totally didn't feel like working out even though I had promised myself to step it up as I had already "retreated" to yoga for the past two days.

To be fair, I was sick last week and so my level of physical activity really went down. So I've been a slow progression to work my way back up to my previous level of activity. It has been said that it takes 6-8 weeks to make or break a habit. They also say that it just takes a moment to break one. And thus my conundrum. I eventually managed to force myself to do some cardio with some light hand weights and I felt kinda better at the end of things. My Fitbit numbers weren't as great as I hoped given the amount of effort that I felt I had put into things, but it was better than nothing. 

Hopefully, it'll be easier to get out of bed and into my workout clothes tomorrow. 

I still have so many, many feelings about Episode 4 of Drag Race Philippines. Some highlights that I feel comfortable enough to put into words:

  • I wish the mini-challenge had more impact. Great game, but it would have been nice if it had some impact on the maxi-challenge.
  • The assigned characters will always be a sticking point. Someone from production claimed on Twitter that it was so the queens could prepare the costumes needed. That sounds...equally weird. In the end, they didn't have a choice when every other franchise at least provides an illusion of choice for the camera.
  • I also feel this didn't count as a proper "Rusical" by the standards of the franchise. We didn't have original lyrics that told snippets of the stories of the featured OPM divas. Instead, we had children's songs set to the musical styles of the featured divas. And how are you supposed to emote to that? And it's not like the songs we got out of this are things you can feature on streaming services after, as is the case for all other Rusicals. 
  • There was no rhyme or reason as to which contests got the support of the Pit Crew in their performances. I don't necessarily think this had a big impact - I just didn't know what the story was supposed to be.
  • I accept the results of the final lipsync. I'm not necessarily happy with who ended up in the bottom 2. But there's nothing we can do about things now.