02B8A: Monday Mundanity

Monday Dune Imperium

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 898

A few friends have politely asked what our birthday plans were for the weekend, and my only real answer was gaming. And that's not a bad thing at all - if anything the main difference was how we included some in-person board games and not just 100% online stuff, as has been the default throughout the pandemic. 

If anything we allocated time to blow the candle on another of my birthday cakes in-between board games so that still counted for something. It wasn't a typical birthday party by conventional standards, but playing different board games from 4 in the afternoon until past 4 in the morning is totally my jam. And we certainly had very good company, which made yesterday even better.

Today was supposed to be a work day for me, but I took the day off in order to take advantage of the local holiday. So Tobie and I focused more on rest and recovery after that very busy weekend. We got a massage and watched Nope and Mr. Sunshine and now the Fullmetal Alchemist the Revenge of Scar just for the heck of it.

Rest today. Work again tomorrow. And more fun to look forward to come the weekend.

Not too shabby for the start of the my 40th year.