02B88: First Leg of Birthday Celebrations

O Bar Birthday Photo by Noel Abelardo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 896

Last night's early birthday celebration at O Bar was nice. We had a core group of close friends present to help commemorate me turning 40, which is all I wanted really. There were a few people who couldn't be there due to various reasons (all very valid of course) - I still wished they had been there, but we'll just catch up during future O Bar nights. 

The show was fun and the O Divas made sure to include a few special numbers for me, which is always touching. I had my weird moment on stage (see above photo) and two different non-keto cakes, which was also touching, Special shout-out to the O Boys (the amazing guys who do backup routines for ALL of the O Diva's numbers) who got the second cake (from Caramia no less!)

Today was a bit more chill because of the need to recover from the previous night's drinking. We did some usual Saturday things like our weekly Sariwon lunch and some irregular things like getting the bidet hose replaced and settling the work permit for next week's PLDT Fiber installation.

We watched the Steven Spielberg version of West Side Story and we rather enjoyed it. I'll need to think about it some more because he made some very thoughtful choices (read: changes) that made a lot of sense for the most part. It's a great adaptation.

Then tonight is our online board game night with the FGTC crew, which is how I wanted to cross over into my actual birthday for this year. They're very important to us and we've gotten through the worst bits of the pandemic thanks to them. But beyond that, they've really been the group to geekily celebrate birthdays with even before the pandedemic.

Okay, it's time to get older.