02B87: Birthday Weekend Back on Track

Friday Congee

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 895

Sietch Health Update - Stomach pretty stable today, but I'm keeping the Imodium training wheels on just in case, especially since we're (stubbornly?) going out tonight. Tobie's still a bit sniffly. Our throats are not 100% clear but we're not coughing our longs out every few minutes, so that's good enough.

I've been mostly eating lugaw, congee, and other rice porridge variations over the past 24 hours in order to ease my stomach back into normal life. This also means that I haven't had coffee in three days as part of this effort, which has made me less than a happy camper at times. But these are all small sacrifices to make in order to get a "proper" birthday weekend.

So here's the plan so far.

Tonight, we're going with a small group of friends for the O Bar portion of the weekend's birthday celebration. I hope my stomach survives the alcohol, but I think I'll be okay. 

Tomorrow we'll be playing board games with our FGTC friends remotely. I've already gotten myself a Keto Filipino cake just in case, but I know they'll also contrive a way to send me another keto confection to stick a candle on for sure. 

On Sunday we'll have a friend over for in-person board games, because there's no replacing that sort of experience. And somewhere in the weekend, I'll need to figure out when I'm meeting my family for a birthday lunch together.

I've made plans to take the Monday holiday off, but that will mean needing to get some work done over the weekend so I won't have any follow-ups to deal with. And what are we going to do on Monday? Apparently, we're going to get PLDT Fibr installed (fingers crossed!)

Time to get ready.