02B86: A Better Thursday

Thursday Lugaw

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 894

Sietch Health Update - Throats are much clearer now but we're still gargling to help clear that up. My stomach was a lot more settled today versus the last today, which has been quite the relief. I'm still not back to fully *normal* bathroom activity, but I think it'll be safe enough to go out tomorrow. I'm still going to take an Imodium before bed just to be sure though. Then we'll see how tomorrow will play out.

I was able to work today - although this was partly because it was even more stressful to consider how much work I'd end up generating for myself if I didn't report in. I had a number of important meetings, an interview, and lots of other things that I needed to get done. I'm just glad that I was feeling a lot better today than yesterday, so that wasn't a distraction.

I haven't had coffee in two days out of fear of further upsetting my stomach. I've pretty much just eating lugaw and crackers today in order not to further aggravate my stomach and I'll see what I can east into by tomorrow. I doubt I'll be back on keto by tomorrow, but we'll get there. At least my birthday weekend can still be a somewhat proper birthday weekend.

There's still one more work day to get through plus I need to order my own keto birthday cake for myself, as has become my habit in recent years. I'm trying not to expect too much, but I also can't help but hope for the best, too.