02B84: Tuesday Random Nostalgia

Tuesday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 892

Sietch Health Update - still no fevers. The level of coughing for us feels a lot less than the previous day. Continuing to monitor and hydrate aggressively for now. Maybe another round of antigen tests in the morning just to feel better about things.

Busy week at work - but like more behind-the-scenes stuff. A lot of deadlines have clustered together and I've been busy working on multiple data and report requests and everyone naturally thinks this needs to be priority 1. Such fun. But I've gotten through most of what has been asked of me and I just need to remember to clock my billable accordingly.

I wanted to talk about job interviews, but that might be too on point. Another time. Or more likely another venue.

There's been a lot of activity on my YouTube channel thanks to Drag Race Philippines. The last few times this happened included when the internet was blown away by Bench's impersonations of Sarah Geronimo and when Katkat did that hilarious Frozen recreation. And this has helped to surface a lot of old stuff that I haven't re-watched in a while. You can't blame me - that O Bar playlist has 1400++ videos now and I'm bound to cross 1500 before the year is out. 

There are some great bit set pieces that were choreographed very well and we haven't seen their like in a while, especially given the constraints of the pandemic. At the same time, watching those videos has reminded me a lot about how much I miss seeing Rupert in the corner of my videos in his usual spot.

These days we're now off to the right of the stage whenever we're at O Bar, which means the perspective of my videos has changed. We tried the tables in the back closer to where we used to sit before the pandemic and it just didn't work out, especially as the crowds returned. So I don't mind where we sit - it requires a bit more effort to frame the entire stage, but thankfully my phone can do up to -0.5 zoom, which was a surprise. 

And I needed a new perspective to help keep O Bar a happy experience for me while also somewhat acknowledging the many things that have changed along with what we've lost.