02B82: Also Flu Season

Sunday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 890

We were supposed some friends over for board games today but one of them was feeling congested (nasally) and Tobie mostly lost his voice after yesterday's RPG session. We all took antigen tests and thus far no one seems to have COVID-19 (for now?), so that's a bit of a relief. So it felt prudent to call off the game for now and try to reschedule in the future for when we're all feeling better.

At the very least, Tobie and I had our first playthrough of Red Cathedral as our official tabletop game activity of the day.

It's weird how modern discourse now includes routine discussions of how we're all feeling. I mean before we'd just say we're not feeling well or that we're sick but now it's not too weird to discuss specific symptoms with friends as we're all running different versions of COVID-19 checklists in our head. Every time someone has the sniffles, all the different questions start coming up, and then you're checking if you have self-test antigen tests available and all that fun stuff.

We have a few friends who are dealing with COVID recently and others who have their respective scares but apparently are just sick with other things. And really, it's the sort of time when people are also worried about dengue fever and whatever other iterations of the flu are out there. And the on-again, off-again rains are also contributing to quite the perfect environment for getting people sick. 

This is my birthday week and I'd like to get through the next few days without getting seriously sick. We're scheduled to celebrate my birthday early on Friday night at O Bar and then we'll be meeting up with other friends for in-person board games on Saturday. So we just need to get through the rest of August with our health intact. 

And then we can get sick after and just relax? Haha kidding. 

I'll be content with just not getting sick, period.