02B81: Gaming Schedules Infusion

Weekend Gaming

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 889

Hey, my quarantine count still makes sense! The administration remembered to update everyone that we're still under quarantine this second half of August - even if the memo is dated for today and not the 16th when it became effective.

In other news, Canva has been terribly annoying these past few days, which is getting in the way of both my blogging and my effort to add thumbnails to my O Bar videos on YouTube. It keeps running unusually slow or in other cases, it's unable to process any photos that I try to upload for use, which is the main process needed both for my blog post header images and my YouTube thumbnails. It's hard to tell if the problem is related to my laptop or our internet connection or how our ISP (PLDT) is connecting to Canva as other sites aren't quite as badly affected. But we'll just try to work through things for now. 

The whole thumbnail effort has become a bit of a major thing this week with the official premiere of Drag Race Philippines. My views in the past 48 hours are up by over 100% and people are clearly looking for videos for the queens. I tweeted about this phenomenon earlier and has me trying to keep up with what's trending on my channel and getting those thumbnails updated first to help them along. Case in point, after how Turing was featured in the second episode of the show, searches for her stuff have spiked and videos like her Surface Pressure and Satisfied performances are among my top ten videos now. It's all kind of exciting and of course, I'm eager to do what I can to help more people discover what amazing artists the queens are.

Last night was nice. We had another friend over and played a few board games. I've been trying to set more in-person game schedules with nearby or closer (those mean different things) friends where possible. This typically means looking for available Friday nights or the rare Saturday/Sunday slots that weren't taken by any of our ongoing campaigns. It's a little tricky to juggle as we also try to set O Bar night schedules on Fridays, so that generates a fair amount of competition. But with more and more special events on Saturdays defining our O Bar plans, that has opened up more Friday slots in the coming weeks. 

I know, we still need to be careful with COVID cases still on the rise and all sorts of other complications whether it's Dengue or monkeypox. But there's something that has to be said about the joy of having friends over again to play actual board games and not just the digital/app versions. And we'll see how long we can keep this up without getting sick or something. Knock on wood and all that.

Today we had our online Night's Black Agents game, given all of our RPG campaigns are still strictly online for one reason or another. It's still fun and we can feel the is campaign drawing to a close. Then we'll have to deal with the difficult question of figuring out what to play next. 

Have a good weekend, everyone. I think both Tobie and I could use more sleep tonight. But maybe we'll play a board game or two first.