02B7D: Geekier Entertainment Updates

Tuesday Pork Chop

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 885

We finished watching the third season of The Umbrella Academy this week. This show is barely recognizable if you use the original comic book as a basis. And without factoring in the comic, the show on its own has just gotten continually weirder and I don't know what they hope for this. I thought this was going to be the last season but it seems they're still hoping for a fourth. Only time will tell.

We also finished watching the final season of Locke & Key. The first season of the show showed a lot of promise despite the deviations from the original comic. And that got me to re-read the comics - something that I did again after the season came out. And finishing the show, well, again just cemented that this is a separate creative effort that is very discrete from its source material.

When it comes to better television, I'm feeling the crunch of the second season of Only Murders in the Building is coming to a close. It's not as strong as the first one was, but it's still a lot of fun and I hope they find ways to continue to build on this story.

We're now investing more time into catching up with For All Mankind. We're still in the first season while everyone else is raving about how good the third season has been, so we have a fair ways to go. It's a bit of a slow burn but it's a very well-thought-out series. And we're definitely appreciating how things are developing and the detailed worldbuilding that has gone into this alternate history piece. 

We're still watching Mr. Queen. which is still pretty funny and is finally becoming a bit more narratively fulfilling as we get closer to the end. And there's a new season of Never Have I Ever available, so that should be a light entertainment to kill time with.  

And on the book front, I'm finally reading Leviathan Falls, the last novel in The Expanse series of novels. I'm already 28% through the book and that already feels like I'm reading too quickly. But it's a really good book and the fan in me wants to know how things will eventually end despite me not wanting things to end. 

What's next, right?