02B74: Sietch Updates of a Sort

Sunday Hainanese Chicken

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 876

We did a grocery run today and it feels like our average bill is now 20-25% higher than before. There's been a lot of talk about inflation and the rising cost of goods given a good number of factors, but it's still different once you actually start to experience it. It's still sort of manageable, but it's still financially painful and it would be prudent to make some changes. Along those lines, we picked up a few items that had particular volume discounts to hopefully save a bit in the longer term. 

Beyond that, we'll all just have to grin and bear it for now and hope that prices eventually start to come down. But I'm not quite holding my breath regarding this particular shift in the status quo.

It has been raining for most of the weekend and it's a good thing that we haven't left the Sietch much apart from O Bar on Friday night and the aforementioned grocery run today. And while it does feel somewhat cooler now in terms of temperature, this kind of weather leads to all sorts of complications including terribly commuting for others, unreasonable working conditions for delivery drivers, and of course the risk of flooding across Metro Manila and surrounding areas. In other words, yet another rainy season in the Philippines since our infrastructure remains largely unchanged (or continues to get worse?)

Tomorrow is another Monday workday. Then I'll weirdly have Tuesday off for Singapore National Day while Tobie may be out all day for a work thing, which feels like a waste of holiday since we won't spend the day together. And I know that's funny to say given we both work from home so we've pretty much been spending almost every day together across the 2+ years of pandemic-related quarantines. 

But hey. we'll make the most of the week ahead. It's still my birthday month after all!