02B6E: Monday Wrap-Up

Monday Salad Stop

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 870    

We really need to sleep earlier today. My eyes feel so heavy as I type out this blog and I guess my body is just reminding me that we've had a VERY busy weekend and it's trying to collect on my sleep debt now. 

Last night, we managed to squeeze in time for massages after our Horror on the Orient Express game. My right leg has been mostly walkable for some time now but the massage revealed some deeper pains lingering in that leg. So this morning it felt prudent not to push too hard in my eagerness to get back into working out after more than a week of inactivity. so I selected a simpler flow instead of the more intense strength-based one I usually do on Mondays and it all still felt pretty good. Hopefully, I can work my way back to my previous level of activity.

And I'm turning 40 this month, so I don't want to completely fall off my fitness wagon despite recent indulgences in Singapore and together with the family recently. Any person's health-related efforts become inevitably tied to aging, and I'm no exception. I don't have a body aesthetic that I'm aiming for or anything like that - I'm just trying to get to a healthier weight and maybe improve my overall level of cardiovascular health. If this shifts my body type closer to more conventional standards of attractiveness in the process, I'll take it. 

After an expectedly busy Monday workday that included a lot of catching up after last week's event and onboarding two new employees, we had our final family dinner with my sister before she and her little family unit are scheduled to fly back to Singapore. Instead of going somewhere nearby, we ended up ordering out for a variety of things to eat in, which felt very in line with our family traditions and practices. 

I got to spend a bit more time with my nephews. We exchange for more funny stories. We had a good time together. And we'll all hold onto that until the next time we managed to all be in the same country. 

Technology has done a lot to help make the world a little smaller and has helped to reduce some of the literal distance for us as our family spans two countries. But at the same time, no amount of video calls or instant messages will ever replace actually spending time together in a shared space.