02B6D: Wrapping Up a Great July

Sunday Pork Ribs and Cauliflower Rice

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 869

It's the last day of July and we're definitely at a point of transition for many things, I suppose.

At work, today marks us wrapping up our epic Hashcon weekend as the members of our Singapore team have already flown home and other out-of-town Hashtaggers have also made the trek back to their respective provinces. It was truly awesome to have our entire company in one location for an extended period of time. Beyond the main team-building event that we had on Friday, they took it upon themselves to hang out together even more throughout the weekend.

I've also had quite the family-centric weekend since everyone is in town. We've had two family lunches including some non-keto indulgences because family time is worth breaking keto for. We have a bit more time before we separate again and we'll see what time together we can still squeeze in given the remaining day or so.

So tomorrow marks the start of August, which is also my birthday month. It's the start of a new workweek. And it should mark my efforts to get back on stricter keto adherence along with a return to my home workouts after taking a week off so that I could recover from my injury. 

Hope things start out well for everyone.