02B6A: Hobby-Based Socializing

Tuesday Banchan

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 850    

While on our way to an in-person dinner, I wondered aloud why we didn't really go on "double dates" very often. Sure, we're still getting through a global pandemic at the moment, but even before the lockdowns, this was not one of our go-to activities. If anything, we'd more typically meet other couples for very specific activities like setting a game night schedule or going to O Bar together. The few couples we had met up for just dinner or things like that were few and far between - we could probably the number of times we had deliberately made such plans using our hands.

It's neither good nor bad in itself, but it did make for a funny little realization. And there's no denying that Tobie and I really enjoy our hobbies and passions and even's even more fun to be able to share them with friends.

If anything, the way we meet up with other people reflects how we schedule our weekends. We're either playing games or going to O Bar for the most part. That may shift a bit once live theater picks up again, I suppose.  But yeah, our shared lives as a couple have always been about the passions we share and I really like that about us. It makes it harder to find people to hang out with since we don't often just meet for the sake of meeting and things like that. But hey, to each their own right?

We're pretty lucky to be able to channel the things we love into how we interact with others. It certainly helps us find like-minded people that are worth spending time with more often than not. And for those that we think we couldn't get along with but don't share our passions or won't even be open to trying out things we like, well, I guess I won't feel that bad about his not connecting more beyond social media and other digital touchpoints.