02B68: Domestic Action Entertainment

Tuesday Roast Pork Chop

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 864

My leg continues to improve, but it's still not 100%. Still no exercising today. At least I continue to hit my daily step goals despite all this. It's party because my leg is legitimately doing better. It's also because I'm a stubborn fool with rather strong obsessive tendencies. 

Lots of numbers at work today. It's that time of the month when we have a lot of reports to juggle, which is always a mixed bag of experiences. There's the challenge of putting them together and then the whole other challenge of explaining them to the different clients in a manner that is satisfactory to everyone. 

Otherwise, I'll always have my ad campaigns to run.

After today's episode of Mr. Queen, decided to dive into the latest Netflix creation that is The Gray Man. One of our friends mentioned having enjoyed watching it, so it felt like an easy thing to explore. A lot of times these Netflix original movies feel like they were assembled based on some AI analysis of our viewing habits. Thus they often feel like movies centered around keywords and specific elements mixed together to create something slightly new but largely familiar. 

But this movie was legitimately fun with a lot of crazy ideas that made for some very interesting fight scenes and action sequences. Most of the close-up fights weren't quite the most elegant things we've ever seen, but they were still fun enough. Plus Ryan Gosling has mastered the role of the cool, calm, collected emotionless killer like his performance in Drive. Fun enough movie overall.

I'm not ready to gamble on Netflix's Spiderhead just yet, so now it's time to finally get started on the John Wick movies because the trailer for the latest installment in the franchise got me rather excited for Donny Yen's participation.