02B67: Shuffling Delivery Options

Saturday Keto Pizza

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 847

Since a lot of our usual keto-friendly staples on foodpanda never seem to be available for delivery these days, I've expanded my efforts to Grab Food despite the lack of Shopback points. I may not get a lot of discounts there, but I'll concede that have a certain greater degree of flexibility. Plus the system has gotten a LOT better than in the early days. I feel like the pandemic has forced a lot of iterative improvements for a lot of app-based service providers.

So our new Grab Food discovery is Guilt Free Food, which apparently has a location in Uptown. They seem to have a dedicated keto-friendly menu more than other places I've seen with an interesting mix of things. Their keto pizzas aren't too bad and use a mix of eggs and whey protein as a base, which makes them very thin and almost crepe-like. Their "rice" meals are also pretty good and you have the option to choose either cauliflower rice or konjac rice, which certainly provides greater flexibility. Their wraps were pretty substantial but the one burger we tried was rather unusual. They're a little pricy, but no more than most other places that offer keto-friendly items on their menu.

In related weird things, I've noticed that we've been unable to order The Daily Cut on foodpanda for a while now, but it still shows up as available on Grab Food for some reason. Maybe foodpanda has a bit of a staffing issue or something? 

Big O Bar night tonight and I spent a better part of the day still trying to get the rest of photos and videos that I took during the Pride show processed, tagged, and posted. It's my own "fault" for taking so many photos and videos, but that just speaks to how good the show was. And I'm going to create the same "problem" again tonight during the big birthday show for one of our favorite O Divas.