02B62: Wednesday Work Fatigue

Wednesday Chinese Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 858

Feeling pretty tired after today. Maybe it's related to starting the day with a resistance band workout on top of everything else I had to do today. Perhaps it was having a vendor meeting at a cafe as my very first meeting of the day and me getting overly excited over that. Or it's the cumulative effect of being on so many different conference calls throughout the day and all that effort crashing down now that I have time to fully relax.

But we got a lot done, so that's always a good thing. We still have a lot of things to check off our task lists tomorrow, so we'll make the most of things somehow. At least I can safely say that this is a totally productive work trip. Snaps all around.

I haven't had time yet to do much outside of work. Not a complaint or anything - what free time I've had, I've spent with family, and that's totally worth it. Today I spent some time with my nephews and the younger one was comfortable enough to ask me to carry him while the older one made sure to name every animal in the ocean wildlife documentary we had during dinner. I obviously loved every minute of being with them.

They're so different from one another, which is kind of amazing in itself. And they also seem different versus when I saw them a few months ago. Kids really do grow up so fast, I guess. But at least I get to see them in person again thanks to work.

It's already quite late. Need to get more rest since we have another full day tomorrow.