02B60: Travel Hiccups

Monday Mabuhay Lounge

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 856

Philippine Airlines still recommends that you be at the airport at least 4 hours before your international flight in case of any complications related to all the additional requirements of travel with the global COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing. It's a crazy amount of time, but the social media teems with all sorts of stories about what can go wrong at the airport. Of course, there seem to be more issues returning to the Philippines versus trying to leave the country, but best to err on the side of caution.

This trip has started on a weird note for various reasons. This is what I get for working on reports and answering emails right up until it was time for me to head to the airport. And while I was able to get all my reports out on time, the distractions resulted in me forgetting a number of items that I typically bring in my carry-on bag including my in-ear headphones that is use for jogging and working out and even my belt, which I typically bring in my bag since I can't wear them during the different security checks.

At least my pants aren't falling down. I made sure to wear pants that still fit decently even without a belt as part of my airport preparations.

I hope this is the extent of my carelessness for this trip. With luck, it should be smooth sailing flying from hereon. Fingers and toes crossed for now.


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