02B5F: Before Another Flight

Sunday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 855

So...I'm flying to Singapore tomorrow night. The trip has been on the docket for a while, but things have gone from feeling it's still quite a while away to "Oh crap, I need to pack!" And I still have a regular work day for the better part of Monday to deal with first, so it's going to be interesting.

This is going to be my second trip since the pandemic and since it's a repeat visit to Singapore, so that helps. I've already gone through the expanded requirements for travel to this particular country, and that helps to take away some of the stress. I've already prepared all of my required document scans in a Google Drive folder such that all my documents are synced to load even while my phone is offline. I've already checked in for my flight and I've completed my Singapore immigration stuff ahead of time.

So here's to hoping for a stress-free traveling experience tomorrow.

In the meantime, I still have a number of pre-flight tasks I need to settle. After I finish this blog I need to wash the last of the dishes, throw out the trash, and then maybe cut my nails? In the morning I need to order drinking water and run a last load of laundry. I still need to pack my suitcase for the trip and I want to squeeze in time to at least clean our bathroom sink and toilet because these are things I like to cover before I leave? Tobie deserves a nice clean Sietch even if I'm not around. 

I had other things I wanted to write about, but thinking about the trip has me a bit distracted. I guess I'll leave things here for now.