02B5D: Home Yoga Happiness

Friday Roast Beef

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 853

Whew, what a busy Friday workday. Things were already pretty crazy last night and I hit the ground running this morning. And I was still busy with things well into dinner. But hey, just one of those days, I suppose. And it's a good thing that we'll be heading out to O Bar tonight to help balance things out.

This week was also another week where I did yoga most mornings instead of other workouts like things that involve resistance bands, weights, or bodyweight circuit training. And while I do feel a little guilty about not doing the more intense stuff consistently, I know yoga isn't something to sneeze at either. I still get surprised at how a good yoga flow can really get my heart pumping. Just this morning I tried a few flow that significantly tested my balance and endurance. And getting through that sort of thing can leave me feeling pretty fulfilled at the end.

And there's no getting around the other benefits of regular yoga. The practice is the closest I've gotten to meditation outside of when I'm setting up complex ad campaigns or working on some big report or dashboard. My best yoga flows are when I zone out a little and just let my body take the lead with my brain not getting in the way. And it's a really nice feeling - one that leaves me feeling somehow more centered or maybe just more content at the end of the flow.

And it's interesting to note that thus far this is all largely "self-taught" as it were. My yoga practice thus far has been guided largely by YouTube videos and workouts available in either the Nike Training Club app or the Fitbit app. Apart from some online consultations with friends who also do yoga, I've never attended a live class facilitated by someone else. I wonder if that experience will change how I've been approaching yoga thus far. We'll see if we get there, maybe more likely in a post-quarantine life someday.

For now, I'm content to continue to work with my body and push my limits as safely as I can from the comfort of the Sietch and my increasingly ragged yoga mat.