02B5E: More Gaming Expenses

Thursday Snaps

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 838

I was supposed to blitz through this blog post sooner and then work on all the O Bar videos I took last week when the pledge manager for Tang Garden: Seasons opened. So naturally, it was quite the distraction as they were not only offering stuff from the Kickstarter for the base game plus a lot of add-ons for this new expansion (including a big box storage solution for everything, of course). They also offered the deluxe/Kickstarter editions of most of their other games, which also felt tempting, but we just aren't familiar enough with the other games to commit just yet. I'll reflect on things a bit more and decide if we'll get on board for their other games. Being a Tang Garden completist is already expensive enough. 

I wish I could have said the same thing when the late pledge option for The Weather Machine opened up a while back. Vital Lacerda is already a designer we love a lot (even if his games can be frustratingly tricky) so when they also offered a lot of deluxe/Kickstarter editions of his other games, I spent a LOT of money to get things like Rococo Deluxe, but no regrets there.

I've had to run a few outside errands the past few days, which was interesting. They were all work-related and I would basically blitz out then blitz right back because I had a meeting to catch. I wasn't late for anything at least. And I still got everything done. It's just funny that there are still things that you need to leave the house and queue for given how so many other things have shifted online.

Tomorrow our office is going to have a sizeable meet and greet event at...a bowling alley. A lot of our people haven't actually met one another in person, so I'm rather looking forward to this quick event. I was trying to remember the last time I went bowling, which was at least a relationship ago, which means it was probably over 15 years ago. I may not actually bowl, so let's see how things go. I'll just be happy to meet people in person and watch them eat all the non-keto things we ordered for them.

Finally, we're not going to O Bar this weekend because last weekend was already plenty. We're going to meet up with a friend for board games tomorrow. Then we'll have tabletop RPG sessions over the rest of the weekend. We're still playing RPGs online though and in my head I'm pretty open to having guests over to game...but it'll also mean a bigger challenge in terms of scheduling and getting people to make the trek to BGC to begin with. We'll get back there soon enough.

But that's all for now. I have O Bar videos to  process.