02B5D: Late Night Zoo-Building

Wednesday Keto Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 837

Last night I made the poor decision to suggest that Tobie and I should try playing through a starter game for Ark Nova before bed. I had managed to read the manual and watched a few how-to-play videos over the past few days and it felt like a quick enough game to blitz through. Plus it had boards meant specifically for your first game versus beginning games versus the full game with individual zoo powers. So that all had to come together to mean it would be a quick game.

Obviously, it wasn't a quick game.

But I'm still glad that we played! It was a reminder of the challenges we face when we try to squeeze in tabletop gaming during the work week, but it was also a fun exploration of a new board game. It's funny how the game has so many mechanics in it that feel familiar in terms of other games that we enjoy playing. I'm not quite decided if this makes it a great game overall or just one that has a lot of familiar bits. We best assess that sort of thing when we get to bring in other players and it's not just me and Tobie reading each other's moves and ruining each other's plans without thinking about things.

I won the first game, which is really the time when I have the greatest chance to win when it comes to gaming with Tobie. Once he's fully wrapped his head around the rules and the nuances of it, he'll come back with a winning strategy the next time. But's definitely the sort of game that had us discussing how things played out even by the time we were settled in bed. And we're both super looking forward to introducing this game to our fellow gamer friends. 

I wasn't too tired when I woke up today, but I also knew I didn't have enough rest to really push myself in a workout. I've been generally more tired as of late, partly because of our O Bar excursions. And that results in me "retreating" to yoga as my default form of physical activity instead of more intense circuit/resistance band/weight routines. I really need to get back into the full swing of things so that I stop feeling as heavy as I've been lately. But I still have to balance that with my overall level of fitness to avoid injury. 

And that has to be one of the more notable signs of aging. On days that I really get into my workouts and I push myself hard, the next few days I'll feel sore longer than I used to, or worse, I'll realize that I had pulled something or over-extended some muscle, and then I'm forced to take it easy for a few days. This didn't use to happen all that often before, even when I was heavier than I am now.

Life is colorful indeed.