02B58: Pride Weekend Oligations

Friday Cabbage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 832

It's LGBT Pride weekend and there's a LOT going on. Metro Manila has two different Pride events - one in QC and one in Pasay. All the bars and related LGBT-friendly establishments have their own versions of Pride parties and other festivities set for the weekend. It's a potentially great time - especially have two years of quarantines and nothing more than online LGBT Pride-related webinars and live stream shows with little else.

So it's understandable that this year, there's a LOT of eagerness to march again and host pride parties again.

However, it's also a time when we're hearing a lot of renewed talk about rising COVID-19 cases and even known cases identified at queer-friendly spaces like Pop-Up as recent as last weekend. Understandably, tensions are high and any of these Pride events, like any other gathering of large numbers of people, run the risk of being hotbeds for spreading diseases to all attendees. 

We've been here before. There were similar tensions over the holidays with news of the Omicron variant was spreading right as the New Year was coming around. And back then we still went out and welcomed the near year with close friends. And then we all had one heck of a COVID-19 scare - but managed to get through it okay.

I don't think we're going to change our double O Bar night plans for the weekend. But we are going to do our best to remain careful - something we've been fairly consistent with over the past few months since O Bar re-opened. Even with everyone else being more relaxed with mask usage while at the barm we've still been pretty diligent about it. It may not be enough of a "defense" against infection in an enclosed air-conditioned space. But it's still something and we've gotten through the pandemic thus far safely enough thanks to practices like this. 

Fingers and toes crossed, everyone. I hope people still managed to have a meaningful (and ultimately safe) Pride weekend.