02B52: Gaming Happiness

Saturday Discovery Lands Unknown

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 826

We're still in the process of reconnecting with friends in person again after more than two years of this global pandemic and all the constraints of quarantine and social distancing. But every time we do manage to figure out how to safely meet with friends after years of not seeing one another in person, the results can be pretty amusing.

We played a good mix of games last night as part of our continued efforts to work through our game collection. Some first-time playthroughs included games like 5211, Wok and Roll, and Discover: Lands Unknown, along with (now) older games like Super Motherload, Mooncake Master, and another edition of Exit. Certainly a good mix of games that made for a nice Friday night.

In other surprising board game-related news, our new copy of Oath arrived this morning even though the expected delivery date was by the end of the month. I had ordered this only earlier this month and was fully prepared to wait a while before it arrived. But I actually game the game in hand now with two weeks to spare and I can't wait to dive into it. This was my first time to try having Amazon ship a board game directly to the Philippines and I have to admit this turned out pretty well. This could prove rather dangerous to our wallets if we make a habit of this sort of purchasing behavior. 

Anyway, we're off to another in-person board game activity with our FGTC friends, which is something we always look forward to every month. Beyond the chance to meet up with good friends, it also allows us to rotate through our game collection and get us to play some of the games that haven't gotten a lot of love yet over the course of the pandemic. This is really proving to be a tabletop gaming-focused weekend in preparation for next week's more O\ Bar-centric Pride activities.