02B51: Friday Time

Friday Sinigang

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 825

Once again, I'm now super thankful for Google Tasks given how this has really helped me stay on top of the many things I need to juggle at work. It can feel a little silly to rave about a free productivity tool like this time and time again, but really, I'm super appreciative.

Even if this means I have task reminders that go off throughout the weekend. Life gives and takes. LOL

Tobie's finally feeling better after being a little under the weather all week. Of course, any hint of sickness can easily trigger COVID-19 fears, but it's clear he just got the flu. And it's super important that he feel better since we have an in-person gaming meet-up with our special FGTC group. And no one wants to show up at a rare gaming meet-up with even a hint of the sniffles. Such are the hallmarks of our actual pandemic new normal.

Hello weekend. Totally looking forward to enjoying you. And we're also taking a break from O Bar this week, because Pride weekend is next weekend and that's going to be bananas