02B48: Mid-Cycle Update

Wednesday Tinola

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 816

Campaigns. Job Ads. Reports. Interviews. Meetings.

Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.

At least we're already past the halfway mark for this workweek, so just a little bit more to go. It'll be more of the same but maybe in a different arrangement or with a few new quirks added in for effect. But it's all this that helps to keep the work interesting. 

I just wish I didn't feel so drained at the end of the day. We're already taking a hiatus from our Baduy Pride vlogs and it still feels like I don't have enough time during the week. Tobie and I only get to play games on weekends (if at all), and I always feel like I'm the main one standing in the way of more game time with Tobie. One thing at a time - I hope?

Now I want to get through some of my Star Trek Online dailies, then process my O Bar videos from last week...because we're going again this Friday.