02B46: A New Celebration of Julia

Monday Veggies and Tofu

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 814

Julie & Julia (2009) is one of my favorite movies since it brings together many things that I love including good food, cooking, Julia Child, and even blogging! It's a delightful movie that Tobie and I have enjoyed together and I felt that Meryl Streep's performance as Julia Child was the height of perfection.

This past week, we've been exploring the HBO series Julia, which focuses on the time when Julia Child started her cooking show, The French Chef. And Sarah Lancashire is proving to be a delightful actress with a beautiful and nuanced portrayal of the titular character. This doesn't take away from what Meryl achieved in her movie. But it adds another wonderful celebration of Julia Child's life to the pop culture collective. 

I can't quite put my finger on why I'm enjoying the show so much. Is it just because Julia Child is a larger than life character? Maybe I just like how they're telling this story from so many angles and we're not limited  to dryer a documentary-style format to things or something else along similar lines. And there's just so much to love about her life and this series is really surfacing interesting aspects of this time period with each episode.

A delightful distraction of everything else in the world.

Also, we're down to the last few episodes of Business Proposal and we've super been loving the show from the start. This is one of the rare K-Dramas that I've found the need to watch more than one episode at a time when our schedules allow for it because it's just that good. It'll be sad to see it go once we're done. And then we'll need a new show again. Definitely a good "problem" to have.