02B45: Chomping at the Social Bit

Sunday Mix

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 813

In many ways, things have largely returned to normal as we're no longer doing contract tracing for indoor spaces nor do vaccinated travelers need to get tested within 24-48 hours of their flight to the Philippines. But some things linger such as the continued need to wear face masks outside your home, whether indoors or outdoors. 

And we reflect the change in status as well, in our own way. We still haven't been having a lot of guests over, but we do meet with friends at other places to play board games in person. And of course, we've been going to O Bar pretty regularly and thus far we've still been okay. But we're still the ones who put their masks back on when we're not eating or drinking or when we leave the table to go to the bathroom and such. It's a modest precaution, but it's still something, I guess.

I still wonder when things will feel truly normal. When will our TRPG campaigns shift back to being in-person sessions? When will we finally finish our Seafall legacy campaign? When will we get to play Vienna Connection and Dune: House Secrets, two games that I really want to play in person? So many things we still want to do but end up holding off on because, well, there's still a pandemic going on and it's hard to expect people to travel and share indoor spaces together.

One thing at a time, I know. But I keep circling around this question. I really want to be able to hang out with friends again without needing to overly stress over things. I remain patient and cautious, but no less eager.