02B43: While Driving to O Bar

Friday Sinigang

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 811

Quick draft while Tobie drives us to O Bar for a Friday night out.

I remember saying that we were going to try to be more responsible this month and attempt to space out our O Bar visits to every other week instead of every week. We're not getting any younger and O Bar nights take a lot out of us physically and financially. But one thing led to another and we arranged for another O Bar visit tonight despite the initial plan of only going next Friday.

No regrets, of course, going to O Bar is pretty much always fun and we could always use the break after how busy work gets. And for as long as we have members of our core group present, then I know it's going to be a good night.

As much as we try to invite different friends to join us for O Bar nights, it's also nice focus on friends who know the drill and can take of themselves AND are a lot of fun to boot. Everyone else can either wait in queue for when we might be inclined to invite friends from outside our core group or just go to O Bar on their own. We're not the sole link to the bar after all.