02B3C: Weekend Work Burden

Friday Pork Chop Echo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 804

I'm rushing this blog post right before we need to get ready to head out to O Bar for what promises to be another fun night. 

I have a rather lengthy client task that I need to get through during the weekend since it's needed pretty urgently on Monday, which is a bummer. I also haven't gotten around to writing what I hope to be the first of many new blog posts for The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything even though I've been thinking about it a lot this week. And the list of things that I want to do goes on and on and on.

But for now, I need to unwind. The weekend has a lot of games lined up which will make squeezing the other stuff into the schedule. I can't totally avoid the work - it'll need to get done by Monday - and not at the end of Monday either. It's rather stressful even just thinking about it, but those are the kicks. 

One step at a time. For now, O Bar. Then, the rest of all that stuff.