02B2F: Saturday Log Update

Saturday Tapa

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 791 

Minor Kindle Adventure:
So recently I encountered a Star Trek Enterprise title I had purchased that I started reading via the Kindle app on my phone but was surprised I couldn't open it on my actual Kindle. I figured it was a one-off quirk since I could still open other books. But when I tried to get started on the next book in the Rise of the Federation series, it also wouldn't open on my Kindle Paperwhite. So I finally made time to talk to customer service and we went through the checklist of deleting and re-downloading the book, restarting my Kindle, and eventually subjecting my Kindle through a factory reset. Thankfully the factor reset (eventually) worked, but it means my Kindle currently only has that one book downloaded. 

But I still prefer to read books on my Kindle versus via the Kindle apps on my other devices, so it was a reasonable price to pay to get things working. And it's not like it takes all that long to download any books in my library as long as I'm connected to decent WiFi. If only my comiXology Kindle Comics downloads were that efficient. (I'm not going to stop bitching about that for a while. 

Otherwise, we'd had a fairly nice start to the weekend despite the oppressive heat. Tobie and I spent time with our respective mothers during lunch, and family time is always a good thing. We reunited at the Sietch, watched the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and then had a nice Sariwon dinner while watching two more episodes of My Love From the Star.

And then we'll be going to O Bar in a bit for Turing and Valeria's double birthday show. It seems a LOT of people have mentioned they'll be at O tonight, which is expected given the event plus everyone trying to get over our election results. I hope the crowd level doesn't become overly stressful, but we'll do our best to get through things one way or another.

Hope you all have a good weekend, too.