02B28: Saturday Fulfillment

Saturday Dune Imperium

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 784

I'm glad that we made time to go to O Bar last night not just because I've been itching to go given my weeks in Singapore, but also because they ended up announcing that they'd be closed for Saturday night - I guess it's somehow related to the liquor bans that tend to accompany our elections. So it was a fun little escape and a way to shake off all the craziness of the week. A lot of friends weren't available to join us, but we weren't exactly bereft of familiar faces either. 

I wish I had slept better after all that, but the summer heat had me waking up drenched in sweat after barely three hours of sleep. Maybe we should use the air conditioner tonight just so that we get more rest on the weekend. On top of all that, my silly dancing last night has resulted in me feeling some significant lower back pain today. Oh, the perils of aging.

Today we got to meet a Twitter friend in person for the first time and we played our first game of Singaporean-made Mooncake Master together with another round of Dune Imperium. Then it was off to SM Megamall to catch Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in IMAX 3D - our first time to watch an IMAX movie since before the pandemic. And man, I had forgotten what a unique cinematic experience that is. 

We generally enjoyed the movie but naturally had a lot of things we wish had been handled differently. And instead of talking about the movie during a walk home when we watch movies in BGC, we had a similar experience walking to the parking building. This certainly helped pass the time as we walked through a largely empty SM Megamall given the time the movie finished.

And now let's see how Sunday goes.