02B22: Super Satisfying Sunday

Sunday Tien Court Deep-Fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Minced Chicken

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 778

We've certainly made this a very fulfilling last weekend in Singapore. 

Today we started things early with a healthy walk around the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I clocked over 9,500 steps across 6 kilometers. We had brought the dogs with us, so they also got a heck of a workout (and a few altercations whenever other dogs would approach). We're trying to map out another hike tomorrow morning since we have the holiday off, but we'll see if we all wake up early enough for it. 

This was followed by a very hearty Chinese brunch at this nice restaurant in the area. I opted not to eat many of the dishes served because of my efforts to stay (mostly) keto, but there were a few things I had to make the sacrifice for - and I have no regrets. It was a nice family brunch and could act as our final fancy meal before going home.

To add insult to injury (I'm kidding!), there was a desire for coffee and dessert and ended up at this quaint coffee place in the area that was mainly known for its tarts. The family had a good mix of options, but there was a lot of lot for a particular salted caramel chocolate tart thing. It looked very pretty but I avoided trying any of them given I was pretty sure I had hit (or exceeded) my carb limit for the day during brunch.

I later joined my sister's family again to take the boys to another park in the afternoon to help them burn through more of their pent-up energy. This was a quieter place versus the other parks we had been to and so the nephews could just enjoy things at their leisure. This excursion prevented me from joining the original schedule for today's Pendragon session, but it was still a good trade-off as we'll be going home later this week. 

And that's the weekend. We don't have work over the next few days, but it's inevitable that we'll make time to get other work done should we find the time.