02B0F: Crystallizing

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 759

We've sorted all of our paperwork including inconsistently updated VaxCertPH portal stuff. We've downloaded all the contact tracing apps that we need. And I've pretty much packed everything I need to bring - I just haven't "officially" closed my luggage. 

This is really happening. It's kind of surreal to even just think about it. 

I still want to cut my hair and I'm running a final load of laundry in case there are a few more things I want to bring. I know that I've probably overpacked, especially since we'll be able to do laundry there. But Tobie keeps telling me that I'll feel a lot better with more clothes, so here I am. Just a few more things before we head out. 

I'm bound to forget something but I'll do my best to cover all my bases. I've come up with different versions of checklists for this trip and I think I've cleared most of them. But best not to overthink these things as that's when mistakes are more likely to happen. Trust the process and all that. 

I still feel bad that I'm going to be away so long. Sure, it's still a family trip and we're going to make the most of things for sure. But at the same time, it means being away from Tobie for quite a while. And our planned online RPG sessions are very likely to get affected by other plans while we're out of the country, but we really should make the most of things after all. And I'll be back soon enough.

So let's cut some hair and get a proper night's sleep. Maybe I'll even squeeze in a last yoga flow in the morning just because I can. And I'm sure it'll help settle my nerves as this whole travel adventure has  my mind thinking in corners or whatever you want to call it.