02B18: Childhood Silent Movies

Thursday Chonk

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 768

Being able to interact with my nephews in person has been amazing. They probably won't remember everything that we somewhat do together ranging from my carrying either of them or just trying to understand what they're trying to say, but it's the thought that counts. But is the way of things, one can't help but get a little reflective on one's own childhood during cases like this. 

How far back can you remember? I've blogged before that I feel some of my clearest memories begin during our big trip to California in the 80s, but I do have snippets from earlier times here and there. I'm not sure if a lot of other people also remember things that happened between the ages of 2 and 3, but I'm pretty sure my memories of those years aren't figments of my imagination. But it's still kind of weird to consider.

What stands out to me is that I think I remember not talking a lot. I remember seeing a lot of things and doing things but I also realize I remember not talking all that much - just a lot of watching and silent activity. I remember telling myself stories as I played with my Transformers and other toys, but there was a general sense of silence. And it's weird to realize this as I see how my two nephews are growing up to be rather expressive of their thoughts and feelings, even if we can't quite understand every sound they make. 

How does one "remember" being quiet? I keep asking myself if I'm really remembering things that way or if I'm just projecting everyone else's stories of how I behaved at the time. I brought up these memories with my Mom and she's largely validated the general shape of things. And I guess these are the sort of things one ends up talking about while on a trip with family. 

It's neither here nor there - this is well in the past and things are very different now. But it does make for an interesting thing to think about.