02B17: Working Trip

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 767

My brother has gone out for drinks with friends in the area while the rest of us are staying home for the night. As much as I also have friends that I could (and maybe should) meet up with while I'm in Singapore, the previously mentioned rains haven't really motivated me to go out. Plus, I've also stressed how busy work has been and I'm not quite in the right headspace to venture out into the night. I figure that I'll be here for a few more weeks, so I still have "plenty" of time to meet up with people. 

On Wednesdays, a lot of people actually report to work at the office and so things were pretty busy at the office for a chance. I actually got to do things like join colleagues for lunch or work on things side-by-side instead of via a video meeting, and that was totally nice. But we also had a lot of meetings and other things to juggle and I ended my day rather late.

As is expected from colleagues, many asked what I had seen on this trip so far, to which I didn't have much to say. At least there were the hikes over the weekend, but apart from a trip to Books Kinokuniya, the week has mostly been about work and family time. No major complaints on that front - the work needs to get done after all and bringing the family is one of the big drivers for the trip, to begin with. 

Didn't have as much time with my nephews today since the rest of the family stayed home given all the people at the office. At least I got to join the trip to pick up my older nephew - that has been a highlight of my workday throughout the week. Today the little guy automatically gave me his bag once he saw us, which is either an endearing sign of trust or an early sign of him taking advantage of me. I'll lean towards the former for now for my own sanity.

And I have an early meeting again tomorrow, so I can't stay up too late. Just two more days of work, and then the proper weekend will begin. Just gotta get to there!