02B16: Full Calendar

Tuesday Chicken

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 766

Today was quite the busy day. Again. I can't quite say if this is just the post-long weekend work backlog or there are just a lot of things that we're juggling this month. Or this year. Or whatever, hahaha

But beyond the work, I'm happy to experience more of life on this side of the screen (with respect to all my video conference calls). Because beyond the work, I get to enjoy little things like working in an office again, being able to just walk over to the next desk to look at a presentation together, and other work things. But the best thing of all is having the option to join the trips to pick up my nephew from school or walk over to my younger nephew to get away from staring at spreadsheets too long. 

I'm not looking forward to our agenda for tomorrow. We're going to be busy with different meetings pretty much all day and that's going to be rather killer. The worst thing about a full calendar is that it doesn't really leave you time to, well, work. And we'll inevitably need to get things done regardless of how many meetings we end up attending. 

And I haven't felt motivated to meet up with other friends in the area just yet given it has been raining a lot over here - particularly after work, which is the main time I have free to meet people. At the very least, I'll still be here until the end of the month, so it's not like I'm in a dire rush to meet up with friends. But it would be nice to do so, especially after not seeing them for over two years. I'll figure out in time, of course. I just have to get through the work stuff first.