02B13: So Much Saturday

Saturday Hot Pot

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 763

To make up for mostly staying in yesterday, we certainly found some interesting activities outside for a change today.

Things started with a trip to Fort Canning Park for a quick walk around one of the trails. My sister has been meaning to bring me here for some time and we had just enough time for a quick circuit as an introduction. Given my daily 12,000 steps goal, the park certainly feels like a nice place to go walking/hiking around given all the heritage stuff to see plus the finely maintained paths.

We only had a limited amount of time because my nephew had his weekly swimming class today. After literally years of just watching his progress via social media videos, it was really nice to be able to watch it in person for a change. He's already handling himself really well in the water - a lot better than me given I still can't really swim! I'm glad he loves the water so much.

Then we had breakfast at Robertson Quay and I had a hearty steak and eggs plate even though I still should have been fasting. I'm still largely sticking to keto during this trip, but my intermittent fasting schedule is largely out the window since it would be weird to skip out on meals with the family. And the real cherry on top for this entire morning was having my nephew go from excitedly trying to catch the animals I was forming my hands into and then shifted to being fast asleep on my lap. That just felt like the world to me, regardless of how heavy he is because he's so much taller than when I last saw him.

So I'm quasi-committed to carrying either of my nephews when needed throughout this trip. Just part of being an uncle and all that. 

And since we stayed in during the afternoon, I actually got to join our Night's Black Agents RPG session, which was quite the bonus for the weekend. Tobie and I have an understanding that we'll assume that I'm going to be tied up with family activities while in Singapore for all of our previously scheduled games and any sessions that I do get to join will just be a bonus. So to have the first such session push through for me was really nice.

Today ended with a long-overdue return to Beauty in the Pot, which is one of our favorite places to go. We had a most hearty meal and I loved every bit of it, down to the refreshing limey shot of whatever at the end as a refreshing palate cleanser. 

I'm quite the happy camper today.