02B12: Staying Home in Other Countries

Friday Monkeys

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 762

Although we're in Singapore, we spent the Good Friday holiday at "home", essentially. This is not unexpected - I've often remarked that we're really good at staying home. We "staycation" wherever we go because we're just really comfy that way, I guess?

But today was a fun day. Most of it was spent watching my nephews in one way or another. This would mean carrying the young one as he'd drool all over me and get cookie bits everywhere or chaser after the older one because his default speed is run. Given we haven't had a chance to do this in over two years, this was all something unique to relish. One of my favorite moments for today was when my younger nephew crawled up to me and motioned to be carried.

For brunch we ordered delivery. For dinner, we made the most of the leftovers. I didn't even go out to exercise because I deliberately slept in for a change. I still hit my hourly and daily step goals, but mainly just by pacing or thanks to the aforementioned chasing of little boys.

In the afternoon we watched Funny Girl with Mom. Tonight we're trying to watch The Batman, but we had not anticipated that it's a 3-hour movie. Then again, it's not like we had other plans for tonight.

And we'll just see what tomorrow brings.