02B11: Different Kinds of Busy

Thursday Mala

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 761

My first full day in Singapore, like many before it, was a very busy one. It was still a working day for us and we had quite a number of meetings, interviews, and of course lots of reports and other bits that needed to be addressed. And while I was a little envious that my parents and my brother were officially on vacation mode, work waits for no one, so we just had to barrel through.

Knowing today was going to be busy, I made sure to wake up a little earlier so I'd have time to jog around the area before my first meeting. Singapore doesn't require the use of face masks while outdoors and I decide to take advantage of that for my jog. I think I got a wee bit too excited as I started to get a little winded in my first ten minutes - I adjusted my pace to make sure I could keep jogging throughout the route and I managed a pretty healthy circuit. But yeah, it was nice not to have to worry about a mask.

Work was productive and we got a lot done. We also had a suitable workday lunch in the form of a massive delivery container of mala, which is always a keto-friendly option I appreciate while here. My workday also had weird interludes involving instant varieties of local kopi and flavored sparkling water, as weird as that sounds. 

The end of the day couldn't come soon enough as I was eager to join the rest of the family and spend some time with my nephews. I got to carry the younger one - a first for me since he had been born during the pandemic. And I'm just glad that he didn't cry while I carried him. Still working on re-establishing a relationship with the older one - he's at that age when running seems to be his default speed. I remember that time fairly well.

We ended the day with some painful but effective reflexology foot massages and a very hearty dinner. I may not be able to eat prata and nan, but at least my sister had some keto-friendly low-carb wraps that worked well enough with the butter chicken, palak paneer, and other good bits. I needed a cup of coffee after all that just to help settle my very full stomach. As much as I'm generally staying on keto, it's a bit of a struggle to stay on my fasting schedule, hahaha