02B10: Travel Done, Journey Begins

Wednesday Airline Food

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 760

We made it! We're in Singapore! Our family is all together again - even if just for a few weeks. But after more than two years of not being able to be with one another in person, this makes for a WORLD of difference.

First, I'm glad we made it through without incident beyond a rather turbulent flight. All the preparation work that my brother and I invested in for this trip paid off as we definitely had all the necessary documents that anyone could ask for across all touchpoints of this journey. I should make a Geeky Guide blog post or maybe a vlog of some details of everything we prepared. Totally monetizable content.

It feels a little surreal to be back. As much as my sister and I talk on video calls almost every day, it's different to be back here. And thus far we have had a chance to interact with one of my nephews - the younger one had already been put to bed well before we had completed our airport-related stuff. And dinner was probably not as keto as I would have liked, but some allowances need to be made after a long day of travel.

Spent the rest of my night catching up on work. I still have a full day of meetings tomorrow since Maundy Thursday is not a holiday in Singapore. But then we have a long weekend to look forward to after that, so no complaints there. More updates in the morning. 

For now, some sleep.