02B0E: Pre-Flight

Monday Kapalmuks

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 758

Everything is moving so fast.

After living with the thought that a Singapore trip was possible over the past few weeks versus it being an actual thing has really made us all shift gears. I played travel agent on Saturday and helped everyone book their flights and their travel insurance. This morning we got up early for our pre-departure antigen COVID-19 tests. And tonight my brother and I coordinated online to process other needed paperwork. 

I now have a Google Drive filled with all of the family's important documents and I've made sure to sync all files to my phone just to be sure. And now we're about 83% done with our pre-departure requirements - something that'll be easily addressed once everyone downloads a few more required apps. Modern post-pandemic travel is...unusual, to say the least. 

The only thing worth celebrating is how more things have become fully digital or even automated. It's only with this flight that we discovered that Singapore Airlines now has an auto check-in option, which feels like a total no-brainer. Singapore Immigration arrival card can now be accomplished digitally either on their website or via a dedicated app. Isn't that crazy? There's an app even for that? The pandemic has forced a LOT of processes to go digital. 

I'm really tired now. I still had a full workday despite having woken early, as previously mentioned. I didn't get to start my week with yoga as normal, and I think that's throwing me a little off or something. I'll see if I can get some physical activity in tomorrow but I also shouldn't over-exert myself and end up injuring myself right before our trip. Now that would be crazy.

Now I need to rest. I've scheduled a laundry cycle to run overnight so it'll be ready in the morning. There are still a few more pre-flight errands I need to squeeze into our schedule tomorrow but I also expect to have meetings until 06:00pm or so. This is going to be a bit of a struggle, but it'll be worth it for sure.