02B0D: Sources of Strength

FGTC Reunion

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 757

Last night's FGTC board game meet-up was amazing. Our host of the night kinda went overboard in the food department and it felt like all the stuff planned for all the game nights we didn't have because of the pandemic. We laughed so much and played a good 9 or so games and I think it's safe to say that we all went home with happier hearts. 

As much as we've continued to try to meet up virtually to play digital board games online every month, that never quite compared to the craziness of playing together in person. It's only in person that you can have 2-3 conversations simultaneously taking place at the same table and other chaotic bits. 

I had mentioned in yesterday's blog that our family trip to Singapore has finally been confirmed. After more than two years of this pandemic, we're finally going to bring our core family together again. And it goes without saying that we're all really looking forward to this. We had a little one join the family during the course of the pandemic and this will be a chance to finally meet the little guy in person. And my older nephew is so much bigger now and I hope that I'll be able to catch his attention long enough to really interact with him versus the limited times I see him run by when I'm on video calls with my sister.

We still need to get our pre-departure COVID-19 test out of the way and a lot of other little things that make up the modern pandemic traveling experience. I'm even trying to figure out how many face masks to pack in my bag apart from how many work-friendly shirts vs workout shirts. There's a need to cover as much ground as I can while also not overloading my luggage and not leaving myself room to stuff geeky purchases in there during the trip back.

But I also still have an actual workweek to get through before our mid-week flight. Fun times.