02B0C: End to End Saturday

Saturday Fun Time

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 756

What a day so far.

We pushed through with O Bar last night, and it was a pretty fun night. We would have loved to have gone tonight instead of the musicals-themed show, but we have other plans for today. We had a different mix of friends with us and I'm glad we helped to facilitate more "O Bar returnees" given the constraints of the pandemic thus far.

We got home pretty late and knew we'd have limited time to sleep given our schedule for today. We both had appointments with our respective families and that meant only clocking 2-3 hours of sleep before we had to dash off again. I'm rather surprised that I'm still vertical at this point given all that.

Our family trip to Singapore got confirmed today and I spent a better part of the afternoon playing travel agent. We had to figure out our actual flights and itineraries since not everyone can stay in Singapore for the same length of time. Plus looking for additional travel insurance to add on and I felt like a travel agent for a while there, haha. But we got everything settled in time and we're all pretty excited that this is finally happening. Maybe it's the adrenaline from that booking effort that is keeping me going until now.

Tonight is our first in-person meet-up for our core board game group, the FGTC, and this too is fueling my excitement. Tobie and I have prepared way too many games to play (as usual), but we don't care since there are just so many things we want to share with the group. They're the first people we think of when it comes to specific board games when they arrive from wherever and today we're going to make a serious effort to work through a number of our pandemic acquisitons.

We just need to stay awake all night. Again.