02B0B: Long Week

Friday Roast Chicken Lunch

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 755

Most of our workweeks this year have felt VERY long. And not long because slow but long because there are so many things happening and yet there's also not quite enough time for everything? So you're constantly trying to prioritize things as reasonably as possible as more stuff joins the queue.

I got through most of the things on my list, more or less. I'll should try to sneak in a few things this weekend but then again I suspect my brain will revolt and refuse to do so. 

We'll get there.

But first, O Bar tonight. This is my second "in case I fly to Singapore soon" O Bar run, but I think this is really going to be it. Holy Week has been our main target for the family trip and one way or another we're going to make it happen.