02B03: Insights?

Thursday Pasta

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 747

Another long workday. And as much as tomorrow is the last day of the workweek, there's still so much to do. But we continue to do our best to keep things moving along. Running a business means being responsible for your employees - one way or another. 

I've been interviewing candidates for different positions again, and it's always tricky. There are some people that look good on their resumes but feel wrong when you speak to them. And you end up spending a better part of the interview trying to find more logical reasons for that instinctive reaction. Some people you kind of like, but then you're not sure if they can back it up in terms of skills and experience. And some people you just can't read or don't get a strong enough impression on. And that can feel like a concern in itself.

And my day could have ended better, but such is life. At least we sort of made up for it by watching the finales of both Bridgerton's second season and Strong Girl Bong-soon tonight, both of which were generally satisfactory. Now the question is what show/s we'll get started on next.

The month is ending and I'm still quite behind on my reading. I forgot to squeeze in a load of laundry today. And I shouldn't stay up too late because we still have work tomorrow.