02AFD: Sudden Work Encounter

Friday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 741

One thing led to another and our efforts to carefully plan an in-person meet-up for our office teams got superseded by another opportunity. And so I ended up rushing out to catch the few folks who needed to meet just to be able to say hello before my next meeting. And it was totally worth the brisk walk into the more central areas of BGC as there are still a good number of employees I've never had a chance to see in person yet because of the pandemic and the related quarantines. 

Video calls and other online activities can only go so far to help you bond with your colleagues and it's a whole other thing to meet one another in person. And sure, it was a very brief experience for me and the need for face masks also limits the quality of your interactions, but it was still nice to see people. And of course, I snapped a few photos of everyone because that's my thing. And we gotta document these moments for posterity. 

Then the workday ended with a short online game night for peers who continued to work at home, which is a whole other kind of fun. Not a lot of folks get to join the game nights but at least we have fun with those who do.

And now to get away from my computer and play some physical games in meatspace for a change.