02AFB: Personal Quirks

Mid-Week Steak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 739

After finishing our daily dose of Strong Girl Bong-soon, I decided to load this old Japanese TV show Masquerade from my Netflix list as something to play in the background while I'd write this blog post. But instead of writing, we've just been watching and laughing so much at the first episode (available on Netflix) that I've been unable to write. Really good stuff for a show that is literally older than I am.

In Naturally Tan, Tan France described how he and his husband have what is essentially their own language that they use when they're together. And that just reminded me of all the quirky things that Tobie and I share, apart from a love for strange old Japanese game shows, apparently.

Random things: Fish kisses. Goat grazing. Sucking brains out. Ducks that sound like Martians. That dance we mainly do at home. Biting. Penguin feeding another penguin. One hand clapping. The list goes on and on. 

Everyone has their own version of this sort of thing. And I love our ever-growing list of things. Other people may never understand - nor should they have to. It's not about everyone else. It's just stuff that Tobie and I share. There's so much that Tobie and I can communicate with just a look, like miming the gelatin scene in Jurassic Park while at O Bar.

So we're going to finish a second episode of Masquerade before bed.