02AFA: Signs to Stay Home

Tuesday Lunch

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 738

Suddenly feeling a major case of brain drain right now, so I guess I'll keep this short. 

In yesterday's blog post I had mentioned that we were still toying with the idea of going to O Bar again on Friday night. We had actually gone as far as inquiring about available tables with the reservation officer and made the rounds of friends we were hoping would be free to join us. The goal was to keep things chill and just get a smaller table that supports 3 people, so we went through the friends list at a measured pace.

But one after the other check-in would result in another friend saying they weren't sure about being free this weekend because of work or other obligations. By today we had a few more people worth waiting for feedback from before making a final decision, but really, no dice. And it's rare that so many friends (most of them O Bar regulars) would all be unavailable for the weekend at the same time, so we figured it's some sort of sign that we should just take a break. 

So we're staying in on Friday and we'll try to play some of the new games that have arrived in recent weeks and months. That's never a bad thing, of course, but just funny how things turned out. I don't think we'll game too late, but we'll see how things go.

And the other good reason for learning how to play more of our games is the fact that we've mapped out our first larger in-person board game session next month. We won't host since our unit can only really accommodate up to 2 guests, but this will be a game session more than worth the trek outside. I really hope nothing gets in the way of us pushing through next month!